Button the Site


WARNING: This post contains a lot of waffling on just to end with “i added buttons to my home page” just so I can reach a post a day. I promise tomorrow I’ll have something interesting.

My website is a bit of a mess, and I hope to fix that up over the coming months. A couple of days ago, I updated the home page to look a bit more attractive. Now, we just need to make it cluttered again.

Recently, Robb Knight added some 88x31 buttons to his own website. These kinds of buttons originated from Geocities. Geocities offered free web hosting provided you put an ad to their main site on yours, which was just the following 88x31 animated GIF.1

A GIF with five frames.
The first frame reads "GeoCities" on a red background.
The second frame says "Your home on the web"
The third frame is just a solid white image
The fourth frame has the GeoCities logo next to the word "FREE" over a white background
The fifth frame is similar but the word "FREE" now reads "Web Hosting"

People began designing their buttons to put on other sites to match the Geocities button. That has led us to today. 88x31s are still around, so let’s add a few!

Yeah i got lazy today but it’s all on the homepage now! I promise to have a better blog post tomorrow!!!



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