Bye's Look-ahead 2024


It’s 2024! I hope you’re having a good start to the year. Most people would be doing self-reflections for the past year, but I don’t really have much to self-reflect on. Instead, I’ve decided to take a look ahead at what I’d like to get done over the next year — New Years resolutions, I guess. This way, on 1 January 2025, you can hold me accountable for not doing them :p

Before I get into the list, I’d like to show my support to those in Japan who are affected by the earthquake and tsunami that is happening as I write this. My heart goes out to you.

I’m going to split this post into different sections based on each thing I’d like to do. Some of these range from “super simple” to “Bye what the fuck are you doing.”

ByeCorps IDs (tremble)

I release some projects under the name ByeCorps every once in a while. Most of the projects I’m “working” on for ByeCorps are web services, which may require accounts (like and

I could make a separate account system for each service, but that just gets tiring. I’d rather have an OAuth-like1 system in place before I need to make accounts for these because it’ll make the user experience way better if they use more than one.

I’ve already been working on it, and I’ve gotten pretty far! I’m thinking of starting fresh so the code can actually be… clean. I hope to get it out before the summertime! (doubt), lol

Last June, Adam Newbold had a brainwave: a fun parking page service. We decided to do it as a joint project. He registered the fun domain and spun up a server for it with Caddy and a basic PHP website, and left the rest to me.

Sadly, I haven’t done too much. The basic service at its core is up and running. If you point your domain at or CNAME to, your domain will have a basic parked page until you decide to do something with it. Some page customisation features are actually built in the backend, but there’s no way to set them yourself.

So, for 2024, I’d like to finally finish When I was hunting down that screenshot in the first paragraph, I found a ton of ideas for the service I’d forgotten about. Here’s a list of the stuff I’d like to make for it over the next year (if I don’t forget about it lol). Of course, this is to make it a fun service to find yourself on!

  • Page customisation
  • Global chatroom with your nickname and what domain you ended up on
  • Minigames (maybe multiplayer?)
  • “What should I put here” box
  • Guestbook

If I don’t do these you can eat me.

In 2022, I registered with the intention of making a service to allow someone to simulcast easily to Twitch, YouTube or an Owncast server, as well as provide an independent place to watch internet streams without tracking or ads.2 As this is a big project, I’ve decided to offer several services with raibu, most of which will be free. I don’t expect to launch raibu this year, but I’d like to get free stream alerts done over the next 3663 days.

Review My Game

I got the idea for Review My Game one and a half years ago, but I still haven’t produced any episodes. I hope I can get something out in 2024. I’m estimating my game library to be over 300 games.


waves is the new name4 for the internet radio player I’m currently developing. I plan to have the more mobile-friendly rewrite finished within a few months.


I’ve got a few plans to make actual YouTube videos over the next year. I just don’t really have the time to write scripts, gather B-roll5, record the audio, edit the video then publish it.


I keep getting silly ideas for video games to make, and I think instead of putting out good games I’m just going to make what I feel like making, no matter how small, and just put it out. It’s a good way to develop my skill by doing something I maybe amn’t so proud of, but it’s still goofy nevertheless.

I’ve got this idea for a game inspired by a video I saw on the Wii Ambassador program by f4mi recently where you just go around connecting people’s consoles to the internet and fighting against rival ambassadors. I think it’d be pretty funny.

Anyway, that’s everything I could think of when I was writing this. Thanks for reading, and see you the next time I post!


  1. Or maybe just proper OAuth. 

  2. There’ll be nothing stopping streamers from running their own ads but raibu won’t force ads on streamers like Twitch does with Affiliates. 

  3. It’s a leap year 

  4. It’s currently called “radio player” 

  5. I actually made ByeMC Stock for this purpose but I haven’t gotten the chance to record anything other than music games I suck at 


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